Highlights from summit 2017

Day Conference

The conference is a full day event which has four sessions, with each session having a keynote and a guest speaker followed by a panel discussion. There will be a number of international speakers specially flown down for the conference; They will be matched by many local experts as well. All sessions will focus on vendor neutral awareness raising.

Hangout with Hackers (Night Hack)

Evening edutainment meetup where ethical hackers will do demonstrations and engage with the audience to showcase the latest skills. The audience will receive a better understanding on the need for proactive strategies for corporate IT infrastructure through these demonstrations. The demonstrations will also emphasise the need to recognise ethical hackers as a profession and the importance of hiring them for proactive exercises to ensure enterprise IT security.

CEO Forum

Taking the discussion on cyber security to the top corporate boardroom, CEOs’ Forum facilitates proactive engagement of the CEOs to protect the corporate IT infrastructure of their respective organisations. This is crucial as certain significant decisions on corporate IT security could otherwise be delayed until a major incident could even shut down the entire business.




Mail : summit@cicra.lk
Call : 011 2 556 402

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